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Let us help you enjoy your home with the support of a network of experienced and checked organisations as well as our own community nurses and carers managed by us here at Telopea MSL where time is taken to write and provide personalised Care Plans. 


I Need Care 
If you are looking for Care in your own home we are here to help offering the exact provision of care which is right for you. 
Our experienced carers have been with Telopea for a long time. Our reviews will show this. 
Your care plan will be written and personalised especially for you. 
Personalisation/Direct Payment specialists 
We are a ‘Personalisation/Direct Payment’ specialist, providing a payroll solution to people who have and wish to pay their own carers/PA’s, or family member normally organised by Local Council Adult Services. 
Live in carers 
We are a provider of ‘live-in’ carers. 
Critical and fast track patients 
We are a provider for Critical and ‘Fast Track’ patients 
Ownership and Management of the ‘Care Skills Register’ (CSR). 
We can supply qualified nurses in your own home or supply agency nursing in hospitals. 
Since March 2020 this year has been incredibly stressful for all carers, clients and patients, all of us working hard to keep everyone safe has taken everything we have got, so now, our energies are down and, so is our enthusiasm. Our caring for people safely still has to be is priority. 
Telopea’s Carers have been and really are amazing people and I want to thank each and everyone of them for their dutiful care, kindness and support. 
However we must not be complacent as we hear again of 6 months of restrictions and the best advice I can give is, use your PPE as instructed, use your masks at all times, keep your distance when out and about and look after yourselves so you can continue to look after our patients and keep them safe. Most of all use your common sense. 
The dark nights are approaching so remember to turn on patients lamps at the tea visit and as the nights get darker draw their curtains to keep unwanted passes by looking in. 
There is no set job description for a carer only a generalised one and day to day your role is shaped by the needs of the person you are caring for and the help that you provide for any individual together with your colleagues. This makes your patients feel safe and cared for. 
Whether it is a: 
Developing condition 
Serious injury or illness 
Physical or mental disability 
Mental health 
Our carers look after anyone of any age over 18 and we remind ourselves that our carers are also of any age, young and older and in between. 
Brenda 22/09/20 
Telopea Managed Services Ltd are recruiting. 


To manage the service requirements of an individual backed by quality, security and safety, resulting in the provision of an all-embracing workforce who provide the best quality patient care. 


Please email or talk to us on the telephone 01234 248969 and we will be pleased to come and discuss a change and/or your requirement with you, providing an appropriate care plan and a quotation. 


At Telopea MSL we believe that delivering a service means more than just having a strong reputation in the market place, it's about continuing to deliver the service, having the respect of the family, the community and a caring workforce. Recognising this, we have established an organisation that seeks to deliver a positive impact in our community. 
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