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Let us help you enjoy your home with the support of a network of experienced and checked organisations as well as our own community nurses and carers managed by us here at Telopea MSL where time is taken to write and provide personalised Care Plans. 


Bringing together care agencies 
We bring together care agencies together with our own Nursing and Care staff to provide adequate care and expertise into people’s own homes liaising with District Nurse, PEP’s CCG/CHC, GP’s, Local Council Adult Services, Private Hospitals as well as other professional services 
Personalisation/Direct Payment specialists 
We are a ‘Personalisation/Direct Payment’ specialist, providing a payroll solution to people who have and wish to pay their own carers/PA’s, or family member normally organised by Local Council Adult Services. 
Live in carers 
We are a provider of ‘live-in’ carers. 
Critical and fast track patients 
We are a provider for Critical and ‘Fast Track’ patients 
Ownership and Management of the ‘Care Skills Register’ (CSR). 
We can supply qualified nurses in your own home or supply agency nursing in hospitals. 
Telopea is always looking to be the best at what we can be and improve our services to whom we serve. This is currently a wide range of people from those with limb injuries, spinal injuries, dementia, feeding, catheters, stoma’s, some who have mental illness, learning disability and physical disability or simply people in need of some care and assistance. Always of course remembering dignity and respect. 
Telopea also offers overarching support working alongside the NHS, CCG as a preferred supplier. 
This time of the year is still cold and overnight can be lonely and some patients may feel anxious until their carer or nurse arrives the next morning. We ask all carers to still continue to pop the light on in the hallway and a bedside lamp and always leave your patient with a hot drink before you leave, or at least ask if they would like one but don’t overfill the cup or mug, allow room in the cup so the person can tip it to their mouth without spilling, leave a tissue handy as well. Of course, always leave with a beaker or glass/cup of water for the patient to access overnight. 
Caring is also having a conversation which interests the patient as well as attending to their medication, caring needs. Telopea carers get to know their people and will always report if something is different or they are concerned or worried. 
There is a lot of discussion and confusion about family filled dosset boxes these days. It is preferred that either the carer takes from the original boxes as prescribed or from a pharmacy filled dosset box, this way carers can sign for the administration confidently known. We are told that if the patient cannot pop the blister or take the medication themselves the carer cannot take responsibility to administer the medication this is a Care Standards ruling. The carer can only ‘prompt’. 
Telopea also ask that our clients are patient on a weekend or when their regular carer is off, as this means another carer is assisting so they may unfortunately be rushed, stuck in traffic or a previous patient has taken a little longer than expected but, as always if you are worried please call the ‘on call telephone’ who will ensure a carer is on their way and set your mind at rest. 
Typical care assistant duties are wide ranging. Their job revolves around helping clients with their immediate needs such as washing, dressing and maintaining their hygiene and medication, as well as sometimes helping them with basic day-to-day or administrative tasks like paying bills. However, the care assistant role also includes getting to know clients personally and providing them with emotional support which contributes positively to their wellbeing. 
Brenda Saint-James 10/02/20 
Telopea Managed Services Ltd are recruiting. 


To manage the service requirements of an individual backed by quality, security and safety, resulting in the provision of an all-embracing workforce who provide the best quality patient care. 


Please email or talk to us on the telephone 01234 248969 and we will be pleased to come and discuss a change and/or your requirement with you, providing an appropriate care plan and a quotation. 


At Telopea MSL we believe that delivering a service means more than just having a strong reputation in the market place, it's about continuing to deliver the service, having the respect of the family, the community and a caring workforce. Recognising this, we have established an organisation that seeks to deliver a positive impact in our community. 
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