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Let us help you enjoy your home with the support of a network of experienced and checked organisations as well as our own community nurses and carers managed by us here at Telopea MSL where time is taken to write and provide personalised Care Plans. 


I Need Care 
If you are looking for Care in your own home we are here to help offering the exact provision of care which is right for you. 
Our experienced carers have been with Telopea for a long time. Our reviews will show this. 
Your care plan will be written and personalised especially for you. 
Personalisation/Direct Payment specialists 
We are a ‘Personalisation/Direct Payment’ specialist, providing a payroll solution to people who have and wish to pay their own carers/PA’s, or family member normally organised by Local Council Adult Services. 
Live in carers 
We are a provider of ‘live-in’ carers. 
Critical and fast track patients 
We are a provider for Critical and ‘Fast Track’ patients 
Ownership and Management of the ‘Care Skills Register’ (CSR). 
We can supply qualified nurses in your own home or supply agency nursing in hospitals. 
Dear Carers and Nurses 
I want to thank you all for the amazing job you have all been doing in looking after our clients, keeping them infection free and also looking after yourselves. I know how difficult the last few weeks have been and I want you all to keep safe and realise how much you are appreciated. 
I hope you all now have sufficient ppe to keep yourselves and your clients safe as this really does matter and it really does work and always please remember, never transfer ppe from house to house or carry in your pockets from one house to another as this is so very dangerous. We have invested in higher quality gloves, and have some good facemasks as well as some great quality washable facemasks for general out and about if you wish. These were made by a very kind lady for us all, but it should be remembered they are not surgical. 
We are one of a very few companies who are managing to keep our patients well and it is a pleasure to send our statistics daily to CQC as I am required to do, thanks to you all. 
The Telopea Company has a great team behind it and I know we all moan from time to time but in the end we stick together and we always get through. At the moment everyone is helping and doing their best so well done 
My appreciation also goes to our clients and their families for being so supportive to our carers and nurses. Thankyou everyone. 
In the interim we are all having to work differently so for any new clients requiring care at home there is a self-assessment form that you can download here or be sent. For everyone’s safety would you please be kind enough to complete and return it to us to reduce the traffic of and, including me, visiting your home. Then all being well we can start your care requirement. 
Best regards 
Telopea MSL 
Telopea Managed Services Ltd are recruiting. 


To manage the service requirements of an individual backed by quality, security and safety, resulting in the provision of an all-embracing workforce who provide the best quality patient care. 


Please email or talk to us on the telephone 01234 248969 and we will be pleased to come and discuss a change and/or your requirement with you, providing an appropriate care plan and a quotation. 


At Telopea MSL we believe that delivering a service means more than just having a strong reputation in the market place, it's about continuing to deliver the service, having the respect of the family, the community and a caring workforce. Recognising this, we have established an organisation that seeks to deliver a positive impact in our community. 
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