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Let us help you enjoy your home with the support of a network of experienced and checked organisations as well as our own community nurses and carers managed by us here at Telopea MSL where time is taken to write and provide personalised Care Plans. 


I Need Care 
If you are looking for Care in your own home we are here to help offering the exact provision of care which is right for you. 
Our experienced carers have been with Telopea for a long time. Our reviews will show this. 
Your care plan will be written and personalised especially for you. 
Personalisation/Direct Payment specialists 
We are a ‘Personalisation/Direct Payment’ specialist, providing a payroll solution to people who have and wish to pay their own carers/PA’s, or family member normally organised by Local Council Adult Services. 
Live in carers 
We are a provider of ‘live-in’ carers. 
Critical and fast track patients 
We are a provider for Critical and ‘Fast Track’ patients 
Ownership and Management of the ‘Care Skills Register’ (CSR). 
We can supply qualified nurses in your own home or supply agency nursing in hospitals. 
To all my Carers, Nurses and Clients thank you everyone for all your understanding and support, during the dark rainy days and nights over winter, carers wet clothes and uniforms dripping, ppe everywhere, cluttering up people’s homes, all in the name of safety and this still has to be the case and treated as priority number one. 
Ensure clean uniforms, use your ppe, masks and gloves and preferably keep working areas uncluttered. Use and dispose of full ppe correctly in a bag then in the black bin any needles in a 
sharps box. Any work surfaces used must be respected and wiped clean. 
Continue to use gloves and change gloves for different procedures, wash hands and sanitise. Observe door handles, 
letterboxes, key safes, use wipes. Any post you pick up leave unopened until the next visit. COVID protection has been a long haul but we cannot afford to relax we must all stay safe. 
The lighter nights are here now but some of you still go home in the dark, so please be seen and be safe, there are personal alarms in the office, little torches, reflective vests and most other items of safety. 
To our patients and clients please always let us know if you have any concerns by either letting the carers know or report any concern to the office no matter how trivial you think it may be. It is appreciated however if you can keep some matters to within office hours 9-5am Monday to Friday. 
Our on call is available 24/7 for emergencies only as always. 
Our staff are; Zoe in accounts, Katie and Shabib on admin, Karen on Compliance assisted by Claire and, of course our senior carers are always on hand to help and assist another carer in the community in a crisis. 
For our carers and clients there are many informative documents in this office for most procedures and most diagnosis, if we can, we are here to help our clients with the best possible care delivered and the worst possible time. 
Carers be observant for unwanted loitering people outside persistently at anyone’s house who may notice if they happen to observe a person is alone. Cover any key safe codes with your other hand. 
Always leave the person with a drink that they may access in a container where they won’t burn themselves or spill but accessible, or in a cup or glass which is within reach but that cannot be knocked over, obviously depending on the situation. In warmer days leave a throw nearby which the person can pull over if they get chilly until your next visit. Always think that one day this could be you! so look after your people please. 
Carers and clients should enjoy each other so communicate always and report and record in the notes provided. 
Thankyou everyone as always 
Telopea Managed Services Ltd are recruiting. 


To manage the service requirements of an individual backed by quality, security and safety, resulting in the provision of an all-embracing workforce who provide the best quality patient care. 


Please email or talk to us on the telephone 01234 248969 and we will be pleased to come and discuss a change and/or your requirement with you, providing an appropriate care plan and a quotation. 


At Telopea MSL we believe that delivering a service means more than just having a strong reputation in the market place, it's about continuing to deliver the service, having the respect of the family, the community and a caring workforce. Recognising this, we have established an organisation that seeks to deliver a positive impact in our community. 
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