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Please see below a few of the many testimonials that we have already received. 
From John Hill -3rd December 2018 
In the fall of 2016 Telopea sent in their carers to aid my Mother Mrs Hill in her on-going battle with Motor Neurone Disease and this was our first experience with the care industry. 
MND is a tough disease for an individual to cope with and it constantly brings forth a challenge for both the patient and the carers in charge of their individual needs. 
Thankfully when ever a challenge was presented to the carers they rose to the challenge by patiently listening to my Mum’s concerns and addressing her needs. 
What impressed me was how the carers (in particular Sonya and Alina) went above and beyond the call of duty to aid my Mother’s care and in my view they showed that care is much more than a job rather it is a vocation. 
Whilst there was a rocky period in my Mother’s health in early 2017 this was remedied by the carer’s investigations which at every opportunity aided the NHS in their work. 
Since that time my Mother was really happy and had all of her needs catered for. 
The carers of Telopea bought a positive environment that radiated through out the entire home. 
Sadly my Mother passed away in November 2018 but I am really pleased that her life was blessed by and extended by the warmth and care of the Telopea. 
Mrs DW received 20/11/18 
Care to date has been excellent - Rated 5 out of 5 
Mrs CM received 20/11/18 
Excellent - Rated 5 out of 5 
Feedback from Mrs Taylor 20/11/18 
My father has just started to be looked after by Telopea. We are already delighted. The carers are so respectful and treat Dad with dignity and kindness. Thankyou - Rated 5 out of 5 
Hi Brenda  
"Just a text to say how lovely Anne and Sonia have been (and sorry but the other ladies name escapes me at this minute). 
Very kind and considerate. My Mum is very happy Many thanks" 
Anne Holloway 
To Dear Brenda and all the lovely ladies at Telopea 
"Many, many thanks for all the help and support you have given me in looking after my Mum Jean Summerlin. 
Your dedication helped give Mum 3 more years of independence to live at home. 
Brenda you should be proud of all your girls in the care they gave, especially Maggie who went above and beyond the call of duty." 
Thankyou again Rhona 
"I had Sonya as my carer she was the best one I have had from Telopea should I need a carer again I would like it to be Sonya. 
Very happy with the 10/10 service I received." 
S Prosser 
"Dear Brenda, Like all the best relationships, ours has been fiery and there is no doubt that I have tested you at times. However, through it all, you have stuck by me, fighting my cause tirelessly as challenges one after another were thrown in our direction. So many would have thrown in the towel and walked away, but you didn't and I shall always remain exceptionally grateful for that." 
Thank you Hannah 
"First Class Service, reliable, friendly and always respectful and polite" 
"Very pleased with Alina, she is an excellent carer. I wouldn't want anyone else"  
5/5 - Mr Lewis 
"Great Service, actually I don't feel that Telopea is a company, they make me feel like our family, many thanks" 
5/5 A Khan 
"Would you please pass on my thanks to my carers Kiddy, Olu and Ali who without them I would not be able to manage without their help and assistance" 
5/5 Mr J Francis 
"I'm pleased to say that your care staff members carry out their duties in a proper manner, with respect shown" 
5/5 Mrs Lane 
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