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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy? 
At Telopea MSL we believe that being an excellent business is more than just having a strong reputation in the market place; it's about delivering the service, having the respect of the community and a caring workforce. Recognising this, we have established an organisation that seeks to deliver a positive impact in our community. 
What is Our Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy? 
We are committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce regardless of ethnicity, disability, age or religion. We also work closely with our Clients to achieve their aims, diversity and equal opportunity objectives and to ensure compliance with current legislation. 
What is our Environmental Policy? 
Telopea‚Äôs Environmental Policy is promoted through all our framework and Approved Supplier Members, implementing correct disposal of waste and including methods towards efficient energy use, admittedly small steps in the scheme of things but positive steps towards reducing our burden on the environment. 
What is our Community Focus? 
Telopea MSL recognises the impact that our business can have on the wider community and environment and that our obligations go further than statutory requirements. 
Nursing, Care and Domiciliary Provision Quality? 
Clients can assured of the utmost quality of Nursing, Care and Domiciliary provision. Selected Agency suppliers will be subject to rigorous checking procedures of staffing protocol. Controlled services will deliver the most conscientious, high level services provided in the UK 
If you have any questions about our services or would like to become a client or supplier of Telopea MSL simply call us on 01234 248969 or click here to complete our short contact form. 
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