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Telopea MSL and the Small to Medium Business Sector 

Telopea offers a modern approach to running a business. 
By using our services ‘The Business’ Our Client has the time to concentrate on delivering their product and look after their customers with the knowledge that the staffing solution, IT and facilities are running smoothly. 
A successful organisation does not come about by chance, but as a result of a system. 
In the normal course of events depending on the size of a Client's organisation Telopea can save the Client anything upward of £1000 per month, brought about by the saving of a purchasing manager or personnel manager who would normally be applying the buying. 
The requirement of a suitable member of staff or labour resource would simply need to be logged on to Telopea’s system. The client will be given a registration number and Telopea will immediately acknowledge and put the requirement to the specialist department using the registration number. This same number stays with the process to the point of invoicing. 
If there is conflict, misunderstanding or some reason why the person is unsuitable then as long as the client portrays their dissatisfaction to Telopea within the first 4 hours a FOC invoice will be discharged. 
The same process takes place for IT and Facilities - the job should be logged on to the system by the client, a reference number gained, Telopea will acknowledge and immediately pass on the requirements to the associate company using the registration number allocated. 
The quotation for the works will also carry this registration number as well as the given quotation number. Following acceptance of the quotation an order number must be received prior to works taking place, however the same registration number is still carried. 
All processes and registered requirements will be chased through by Telopea and whilst the supplier may report directly to our client, Telopea will continue to keep informed and in turn keep the client informed. 
This process is specifically designed not to be dramatic but simple and relieves the financial pressures on the clients company. 
The client will already have their budget and spending becomes a known commodity, streamlining and implementing systems that work and in themselves, pass on less overall pressure on both the client and the company. 
Individual supplier company terms and conditions apply at all times 
If you would like to know more about becoming a Managed Services partner with Telopea MSL simply call us on 01234 248969 or click here to complete our short contact form. 
Telopea Managed Services Limited 
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